Miller Electric Passive Inferno Helmet Review

Your workshop can not afford to function without having this helmet in stock and ready for you by you or any other staff member that works in your shop.

It offers you several attractive safety elements that work to keep you safe without interfering with the task at hand. The helmet is part of the trustworthy Miller welding helmet family and resides in their Classic Inferno collection.

Features of the Miller Electric Passive Inferno Helmet

After several hours of comparing different helmet products and testing the products out, I recommend this product as the ‘must have’ staple item for your welding needs.

Lens Shade

Having a properly functioning lens on your welding helmet is a vital part of safety procedures. Miller fails to disappoint you when it comes to safety precautions and operational procedures. The helmet features a lens shade in the 8 to 12 range that works to protect your eyes and face from exposure to UV radiation.

Graphic Flames Design

The Miller manufacturing team goes the extra mile to make you feel as if you are getting ready to battle the burning blazes that are surrounding you. The helmet achieves this feeling while promoting the services that you provide. The helmet artwork brings the same level of quality that you expect from a Miller product.

Optimal Helmet Plate Height

The plate is the part of the helmet that covers the main lens area. It is also beneficial to have several extra panels available in the event one cracks or shatters while you are using the helmet.

For this helmet, the plate height measures 3 and two-fifths inches high and four inches wide. That is enough of a welding helmet plate to provide an added layer of protection to your face and eyes.

Sizeable Viewing Area

You want a view area that does not obstruct your immediate view as well as the view of the surrounding area.

You will find a favorable viewing area on this helmet that measures 15 and seven-tenths inches in diameter. That easily allows you to see what you need while also keeping an eye on what is going on around you at the same time.

Miller Electric Passive Inferno Helmet

Ratchet Headband

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you are working on a welding project. You will find comfort, safety and more with the ratchet headband that this helmet provides.

The adjustable strap has non-skid material that keeps the headband in place while you are busy working. By keeping the headband in place your welding helmet will also remain in place, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

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  • Affordable Price
  • Easily Adjusts to Any Size Head
  • Easily Handles MIG or TIG projects


  • Lens Cover Can Easily Break

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the helmet handle ARC welding tasks?

A: Yes this helmet can handle ARC welding tasks with ease.

Q: Can this helmet convert into an auto darkening feature?

A: No this helmet does not have that capability

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The Final Verdict

The helmet offers you a level of durability that works to reduce the weight of the helmet when fatigue begins to set in. With a sizable viewing area and plate height measurement, your face and eyes will have the necessary protection to keep you in the welding industry for many years to come. I recommend this helmet as an ideal addition to your welding workshop area.

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