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This JB Weld review has for goal to address a different type of welding practice and products. When the word ‘welding’ is mentioned, it conjures up images of fire and metal joined together. JB Weld is different. It was developed in 1969 for use in cold welding, the bonding process used to adhere two products together without using torch welding techniques. The resulting epoxy has been a trusted staple in car repair toolboxes and home mechanics for over forty years as more automobile enthusiasts find out about this amazing product. Each of the specific JB Weld products lists the strength, set time, cure time and what color the product will be after curing. The original motto still holds true for the company today “Don’t Scrap It JB Weld It”.

Epoxy and putty sticks are two of the most popular items for cold welding. They are used to bond together surfaces ranging from metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, automobile surfaces, glass, rubber, brick and even carpeting. The chemical composition is designed to be easily mixed between the two surfaces with a working (pliable) window of time to make any adjustments by hand. After application, the curing time is needed for the bonding to become permanent. The repaired item can be decorated as needed by sanding, drilling, painting or whatever is needed to finish off the item.

The reason the JB Weld line of products is popular is due to the versatility and availability of the adhesives for anyone from the do it yourself layman to the professional welder who needs a trusted product to bind surfaces together in places where it is not safe to use welding torches or open flames. Automotive and marina areas are two such areas that come to mind when considering using cold welding techniques for your repair jobs.

A JB Weld review shows that it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is not recommended on car exhausts, mufflers or converter systems in the exhaust area. Once dried and cured, it only can be removed by exposure to heat above 600 degrees Fahrenheit, sanding or filing off from the places it was applied. The high heat epoxy is best used for areas where the continuous heat exposure is less than 500 degrees. When properly mixed, applied and cured, the JB Weld adhesive is resistant to water, gasoline and other petroleum products available on the markets and in use today.

One of the best products out there is the black sealant made to be used for room temperature repairs. It is used for sealing areas such as car windows, doors, windshields and lenses. After application and drying time, the silicone sealant is resistant to cracking, peeling, flaking and all types of moisture. This makes it ideal for replacing areas that must provide a barrier to water and is resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Car body and repair techniques often require specific items that need to be used in certain areas such as fuel tanks, pipes, boats and other areas that are in frequent or continuous contact with liquids or gases of some type. The JB Water Weld is designed to have a set time of 15 to 25 minutes, withstand temperature up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and has a tensile strength of 900 psi.

The need for sealants and epoxies that can withstand the pressure and vibration that occurs within the transmission, oil cases and cam shafts makes the choice of the room temperature gray silicone a winner for repairs in these areas. Imported vehicles are one area where this repair tool excels as it can be used for many different areas within the car. Repair for welders who are limited by the materials they are currently working with are finding the right tools for the job with the wide variety of epoxies, putties and sealants manufactured by JB Weld.

The automotive shop isn’t the only place for JB Weld products. Many people use the products that the company has especially made for repair of wood items. These are simple epoxies and putty manufactured to repair cuts, splits and damage to wood. When the furniture is repaired and the putty dries, it can be sanded, painted or stained to match the original wood color and texture. This allows homeowners or craftsmen to repair items that otherwise would be thrown out. Not only can wood be repaired, but products can be found for use with glassware and ceramics.

Read JB Weld reviews from users that put these products to the test.

PVC piping and other composite plastic materials have their repair solutions in the epoxies and minute weld products. When repairing a crack in a pipe or rebuilding the vital part of a PVC drainpipe underneath an RV, it is best to use tools and materials made for the job. The guide and application of the correct repair tool will save a good deal of time and money when it comes to making two pieces of pipe, wood or other materials join to form a useful bond.

The JB Weld company is in a constant process of manufacturing innovative products to easily and quickly repair myriad items that require specific materials. These products are time-saving for a wide range of users that deal with materials used in challenging situations across the nation and beyond. One such challenging material is rotted wood. For this problem, epoxy and putty are used to harden and repair areas that have been damaged. It saves time and money when it is difficult or impossible to take the wooden item apart or manufacture a new one.

The effects of time and the elements can be minimized by using whichever of these repair products is best suited to the material you need to repair, from wood to glass or even concrete. To end this JB Weld review we found it important to mention that this line of products is manufactured in the United States, which keeps jobs local and benefits welders around the globe.

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