Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

This welding helmet is ideal for the experienced welder that wants a helmet that provides excellent protection and comfort.  You will be able to see everything from different angles, which is more than other welding helmets can claim.

It has a wide shade range that works in any amount of light.  Your vision won’t be impaired when you’re using this helmet.  It’s lightweight, so you won’t wear out your head or neck when you’re wearing this helmet.  It’s the best way to make sure you stay focused on your work and complete it with precision.

Auto Darkening

The helmet features an auto darkening lens that has received high ratings.  It provides optical clarity and diffusion of light to help you see everything.

You can change the transmittance, and has angular dependence.  If you want to check your work from different angles, or need to see something in a tough spot, this helmet will work with you.

Shade Range

This helmet has a variable shade range that shields and protects your eyes when you’re wearing this helmet.  You won’t have to worry about radiant energy damaging your eyes when you have the helmet on.

You can set the helmet’s shade range from between 9-13 to get the maximum amount of protection.  You will be able to use the helmet for a variety of applications.


This helmet is lightweight enough that it won’t wear you down when you’re wearing it.  It has a high-density plastic shell to protect you from anything you’re working on.  It protects your face, neck, forehead, and ears from splatters and sparks.  It has an aerodynamic front cover to reduce heat build-up and fogging when it’s on.


The helmet meets and exceeds different safety standards to guarantee it’s safe for anyone to use.  The helmet passes the impact inspection, and is ideal for welding use.  It is a quality helmet, and the certifications are there to prove it.

You’ll be able to work knowing you’re protected when you’re wearing this helmet.  It’s the best way to stay focused on your work to make sure it’s precise.

Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


There are three headgear adjustments that you can configure to make the helmet more comfortable for you.  It’s ideal for a variety of welders that want a helmet that will protect them from any project they’re working on.

It is compatible to use magnification filters to help you inspect your work closer.  If you want to wear a hardhat, this helmet will work with them.

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  • It has a five-year warranty
  • Wearable for continuous work
  • It is compatible with a variety of applications


  • It may not cover everyone’s face properly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a grinding mode for the helmet?

A: No, it doesn’t come with a grinding mode.

Q: Is the helmet solar or battery powered?

A: The helmet is solar powered, and it doesn’t have a battery.

Q: Is the helmet lightweight?

A: Yes, it is.  It’s ideal for anyone working on a tough project and need to wear it for a long time.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a quality helmet that allows you to do a large number of welding tasks, this is the helmet you want.  It is certified to be a quality helmet, and you’ll see the difference when you’re wearing it.

Even though it may not be able to fit everyone properly, it does provide efficient protection against anything you’re working on.  It’s the best way to make sure you stay focused on your work and make sure everything is perfect.  While you may not like the way the helmet fits, it is a quality helmet that will fit just about any welder.

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