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Finding the Best Plasma Cutter of 2017

How do you find the best plasma cutter in 2017 when there is such a huge range of choice? If you find yourself digging to the bottom of your toolbox every single time you need to cut something, then maybe you should consider a plasma cutter. If you’re wondering exactly what a plasma cutter is, […]

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The 14 Best Work Boots of 2017

When it comes to welding, you want the best work boots that money can buy. That means finding a well-rounded boot that offers: Comfort Protection Durability Longevity Affordability Whether you’re on a budget or don’t mind splurging, we’ve got you covered for any tough welding job. Here are the 14 Best Work Boots of 2017. […]

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What To Look For In The Best Welding Helmet

Wherever your welding takes place, you need the right protection for every work environment. By taking the time to find the best welding helmet for you, you’ll be much more comfortable, safe, and productive. Finding the Best Welding Helmet For You Welding helmets have many different price points and designs. Selecting the best type for […]

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The Best MIG Welder Around

As with any other profession, welders have specific tools they require to get their job done. This equipment should be reliable, well-made, and suited for the task at hand. For Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welders working with high-voltage electric currents, using top-notch tools is essential. Investing in the best MIG welder is a business decision […]

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The Best MIG Welder Options For 2017

Most cowboys wouldn’t leave home without their trusty sidearm. In fact, an unarmed cowboy is a dead cowboy unless they’re the great grandfather of McGuyver. A welder is no different. Except, our sidearm is our welder. And our shootouts are welding competitions. But, suffice it to say, our welder is our boon companion. And we […]

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The Best Welding Boots for the Job

Close to 400,000 people are members of the welding profession in the United States alone. We know you love the work you do, and take pride in what you accomplish every day. We also know that the quality of work you’re able to do depends on the equipment that you have. One of the most […]

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