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The best welding jacket protects your upper body from the heat produced by a welding torch. These jackets usually have an outer covering made of leather because that material is fire resistant and thick. The idea is to prevent any sparks from catching your clothing on fire, and to prevent any of your clothes from burning in case it gets too close to an active torch.

The best welding jacket is heavy and thick. It might have inner layers of cotton or even wool. The best welding jackets are made of natural fibers rather than synthetic ones because synthetic fibers may melt at high temperatures. Unfortunately, welding jackets may be too hot and too heavy for warmer climates. For warmer climates, you might consider a cotton jacket rather than a leather one.

Selecting the right size welding jacket is another aspect critical to your safety. A jacket that’s too big fits too loosely. A jacket that’s too small restricts your movements as you try to work. The perfect size allows freedom of movement while keeping your inner clothing and skin away from the heat.

Here is your guide to some of the best welding jackets on the market today.

1. Miller Electric Welding Jacket, Navy, Cotton/Nylon, XL

Revco T50 Men's Tigster Flame Resistant Welding Gloves

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Miller Electric is a popular manufacturer of welding supplies. This navy blue jacket has a 50-inch chest that may fit a little loose so your skin can breathe.

The jacket is 88 percent cotton and just 12 percent Nylon, so you don’t need to worry so much about synthetic fibers melting under intense heat.

This jacket has snaps that stay secure whenever you move. There’s no zipper to slip down or break. The fold-in snaps form a straight line down the center of the

Jacket to create an even look that keeps sparks away from your inner clothing. There’s plenty of overlap to keep you protected. The collar protects your neck from the heat as your welding helmet keeps sparks away.

Snaps also tighten your cuffs so the jacket doesn’t get in the way of your welding gloves. The cuffs keep your hands and wrists comfortable without having to worry about the sleeves slipping or sliding up and down your arm.

The snug fit of the jacket is why you need to select the right size. This XL model is made of cotton, so it’s perfect for lightweight duty, warmer climates and outdoor welds in the summer heat.


  • Snaps keep jacket secure
  • Lightweight for warmer climates
  • Snug fit


  • Not good for heavy-duty jobs
  • Cotton may not work for very high temperatures

2. BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket

BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket

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The BSX flame-resistant welding jacket comes in a black color with stylized flame logos on the sleeves. It’s made of lightweight cotton to protect you against sparks,

but the internal features are what make this jacket a worthy buy.Two inside pockets let you store pencils, pens or other small welding tools you need to keep handy.

 A scribe pocket on the left side gives you easy access to small items you need at the ready. Consider putting writing tools here so you can mark your lines ahead of a welding job.

Sturdy snaps keep the jacket securely closed down the front and along the sleeves. A snap towards the top secures the collar. Additionally, snaps and straps let you adjust the jacket’s width along the sides to expand or contract the jacket depending on your exact size.

Extra fabric comes down below the last snap to protect your waistline from sparks and heat. The overlap creates an extra layer of protection for your skin and under-clothes.

The black material may not work well for outdoor jobs despite the lightweight cotton fabric. This jacket does protect you from arc welding, the most intense kind of welding you can do. However, this jacket also resists flames to a point.


  • Can adjust for your specific size
  • Pockets for handy storage
  • Additional fabric at the waistline
  • Collar to protect the neck


  • Black fabric absorbs sunlight and creates heat
  • Cotton not necessarily suitable for heavy-duty jobs

3. Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat

Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat

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The Black Stallion BSX welding coat has most of the same features as its standard welding jacket. It’s made of flame-resistant cotton with extended fabric lengths by the waist and at the collar.

Heavy-duty snaps keep the overlapping fabric secure to prevent any sparks from reaching your inner shirt.

The extended fabric below the last snap adds an extra layer of protection at your waistline. Snaps at the cuffs adjust to your wrist size so you have a snug fit and freedom of movement at the same time.

The additional fabric of the coat means it wears a little bit bigger than the stated size. That’s because this coat allows you to wear a T-shirt, thermal shirt and long-sleeve shirt without a problem underneath. Once you get the coat on, adjust it to your comfort level at the waist, sides and cuffs.

Two inner pockets let you keep small tools, while the large scribe pocket is a great place to keep your welding markers and other nonflammable items. The additional layer of pockets adds another flame-resistant element to the coat.

This coat is a lighter shade than the black one, but it still comes in at a dark blue color. Dark colors help hide any burn marks that may happen over the course of a weldi. The horse logo and flames make this an attractive, stylish buy that’s not just a standard, brown leather jacket.


  • Pockets for storage
  • Snaps for custom fitting
  • Flame-resistant cotton is lightweight


  • May not work for heavy-duty jobs
  • Darker fabric might make it too hot for outdoor jobs in warmer climates

4. BXRB9C-L BSX Stryker FR Welding Jacket

BXRB9C-L BSX Stryker FR Welding Jacket

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Once again, BSX comes through with a solid welding jacket made for everyday use. This one has no open pockets where sparks may land inside and possible smolder.

Sturdy snaps keep everything in place, including the cuffs, collar and adjustable straps along the sides.

Added fabric protects your neck along the collar and the your waist below the bottom snap. Extra fabric also gives you freedom of movement, especially around the sleeves so your arms move freely. The jacket feels a little bigger than the stated size, but that’s because you bulk up some clothing underneath.

Breathable cotton keeps you cooler during warmer months, although the dark color may absorb more sunlight and heat during outdoor projects. Despite the lightweight fabric, this is a jacket that can last a while when worn properly and in the right conditions with proper care.

This might not work for long days of welding because the cotton fibers aren’t as sturdy as leather. However, this is a great choice for ordinary work in the shop.


  • Lightweight fabric
  • Inside pockets for storage
  • Extra fabric to accommodate movement


  • Dark fabric
  • May not hold up under heavy-duty conditions

5. Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Jacket

Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Jacket

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This BSX model is similar in style and scope to the other BSX jackets in this review.

Metal snaps keep things secure while overlapping fabric prevents sparks from getting on your inner clothing. Flame-resistant cotton fibers might not catch fire during ordinary use.

Two inner pockets allow you to store extra tools or nozzles that remain out of the way of your work area. One scribe pocket lets you place any grease markers or permanent markers for easy access during a welding project.

The jacket is black with red stripes and logo designs. It looks nifty and blends in with any burns or scorch marks, but the dark fabric may not do well for hot summer months when it’s sunny outside

Adjustable straps let you expand the sides for additional comfort and a custom fit. Snaps also keep your cuffs in place at the wrists so you can move comfortably and without hindrances.


  • High-quality construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sturdy snaps keep things in place


  • Dark fabric more suitable for cooler months
  • May not withstand very high temperatures or heavy-duty projects.

Final Verdict

Overall, BSX makes some high-quality products for welders. Miller Electric also does well in a pinch. All of these jackets are made of cotton, with the exception of the Miller Electric jacket that throws in some synthetic Nylon.

Any of the BSX jackets are worthy of your purchase. They are lightweight, movable and durable at the same time. You have freedom of movement, storage pockets and snaps that hold everything in place. The one downside is the dark color of the fabric that might make afternoons in July or August unbearable.

When you decide to invest in the best welding jacket, make sure it fits comfortably while protecting your upper body. Your safety is more important than getting a jacket that looks great. Fortunately, BSX has a safe bet with a good look thanks to the stylized flames on the sides or sleeves.

The best welding jacket might not be perfect, but it is a good start for basic protection.

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