The Best Welding Boots for the Job

Close to 400,000 people are members of the welding profession in the United States alone.

We know you love the work you do, and take pride in what you accomplish every day.

We also know that the quality of work you’re able to do depends on the equipment that you have.

One of the most important things you need to do your job well and safely?

A great pair of welding boots.

If your current pair is worn out, uncomfortable, or just not cutting it anymore, you need to read this post.

Here, we’re giving you our list of the best welding boots available today. We’re also telling you what to look for in selecting your shoes.

What The Best Welding Boots Need To Have

Before we get into sharing our top picks for the best welding boots on the market, let’s go over a few of the qualities that they need to have in order to stand up to your tough work day!

1. Comfort

Yes. This is priority one.

When you’re on your feet as often as you are, the last thing you have time for are uncomfortable welding shoes that give you blisters or cause other foot pain.

Your shoes need to have thick soles, offer excellent arch support, and they don’t need to be so heavy that you get a workout in every time you move your leg.

Though you can always add in heavy-duty insoles designed specifically for work boots and welding shoes, they also need to be comfortable on their own.

We know that you’ll likely have to buy your welding boots online, which can make testing their comfort level hard.

That’s why, when creating this list of the best welding boots, we’ve made comfort the ultimate priority.

Your boots could walk on water – but if they’re so painful you can’t even wear them, who cares?

2. Extra Durability

First of all, no one wants to shell out their hard-earned cash on a pair of boots that’s going to wear out after a month.

We know that you’d much rather pay a little bit more for a pair of boots that can last through tough conditions and many years on the job than having to keep buying a new pair.

One of the most important durability factors to look for in the best welding shoes?

How they stand up to the heat of your job!

We’ve looked for options that have an exterior that’s strong enough to take long exposure to high temperatures – while also protecting your feet!

3. They Need To Come With A Guard

This is a must for welding boots.

A guard helps to make sure you and your shoes don’t get burned – especially your shoelaces.

Also, having a guard will protect you in case you accidentally drop something on your foot.

It may not make it painless, but it can reduce the pain and prevent your foot from bruising – or worse – bones from breaking.

The Best Welding Boots On The Market

Now that you know what makes a shoe worthy of being selected as one of the best welding boots available, let’s get down to our selections!

These boots have excellent reviews, and we agree that they’re the best of the best!

1. Dr. Marten’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

We know – the name is a mouthful. Still, the reputation of a company like Dr. Martens speaks for itself.

These boots are no exception – which is why they’re number one on our list of the best welding boots.

First of all, we love that they’re affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the boot itself. Prices run between $100-$155, and the shoe goes all the way up to a size 14.

Secondly, they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to the thick and cushioned sole, a standard of all Dr. Martens boots. The sole is designed to keep you comfortable and stop you from slipping!

We also love that they come with a padded insole for an extra boost of comfort (you can easily take out the insole if it bothers you.)

In terms of safety, these boots are also top-notch.

Not only do they have a steel toe for extra protection, they also have special guards against any electrical hazard risks. The exterior of the boot uses double-stitching, so they are extra durable.

They’re made with water-resistant leather and have a 6-inch metatarsal guard.

Even the laces themselves are industrial-strength, and locked into place with metal fastenings.

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2. The Timberland PRO 53530 8-Inch Metguad Steel Toe Boot

The second option on our list of the best welding boots is just as good as our #1 and also comes from an iconic, trusted brand: Timberland.

These welding boots are made with a rubber sole for added comfort, and they’re also reasonably priced (ranging from $130-$300.)

Especially if you’re moving a lot throughout the day, the lightweight design of these shoes will make them the best welding boots for you.

They’re also really flexible, meaning that bending down won’t cause the boots to cut into your ankles.

In fact, the shoe is designed to fit and mold over time to the natural shape of your foot – no more feeling crammed into your boot.

When it comes to safety features, these are also some of the best welding boots available. After all, the lining was made using Goodyear and Kevlar technology!

In fact, they’ve been designed to actually exceed industry safety standards – so if you need extra protection (or if you’re just clumsy!) this is a great shoe for you.

Of course, they’re also waterproof, and the exterior can stand up to high temperatures.

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3. The Caterpillar Men’s Assault Work Boot

Number three on our list of the best welding boots? This awesome pair from Caterpillar.

They’ve got steel toes, a strong upper half that’s made with leather, and a thick rubber sole that’s designed to grip the floor and prevent you from slipping.

We also love that these boots are made with patented “Climasphere” technology, which means they’re sweat-resistant and will dry quickly if you get them wet.

In terms of comfort, these have been a favorite of welders for years – the padding goes far up the inside of the shoe, not just on the sole!

Most importantly, the guard isn’t just heat-resistant. It can also help to protect you from any dangerous chemicals that you may come into contact with over the course of your day.

They’re affordable too, with a price range of $130-$164.

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4. The Wolverine W10318 Cabor Work Boot

The final option on our list of the best welding boots really pulls out all the stops!

These welding boots from Wolverine have it all!

They even look like cowboy boots – perfect for the welder with a little extra swagger, or those who want to go directly from work to a night out with friends.

We have to say, the dark brown stain is pretty stylish. Most wouldn’t even be able to tell these are work boots.

They go up to a size 14 and are also available in half sizes.

Like all the options on our list, these too are waterproof. They’re also made with a special mesh lining, which helps the boots to dry faster if you’ve gotten them wet.

The extra grip offered by these rubber soles won’t just stop you from falling.

They are also made with a patented “Anti-Fatigue EPX Footbed” so that you’ll be able to stay comfortable during your entire shift.

Don’t worry – if you don’t like the feel of the Footbed, it’s easily removable.

We love that the guard is molded inside the shoe and is designed to be especially resistant to shock. This means that you’ll get all the protection of the guard, without adding exterior bulk.

These boots also don’t have any laces, so if you work in an environment that’s especially hot or spark-inducing, these may be the best option for you.

This also makes them a great option for those who change shoes frequently throughout the day.

Even better? They come with a 30-day guarantee – if you don’t like them, return them!

We love a company that has that kind of confidence in its products.

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Learn About The Best Welding Boots…And More!

We hope this list of the best welding boots has inspired you to upgrade your current pair.

We know you can’t do your job well if your shoes are uncomfortable, inflexible, or just not strong enough to stand up to your temperatures.

Every welder deserves boots that don’t just protect them, but make the job easier.

But this list of the best welding boots isn’t the only welding industry advice we offer!

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You’ve already upgraded your boots – what else can you find to doing your job easier and more efficient?

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